About Us
Transparent, local, sustainable…and sexy!
GYORK&VEIL reinvents the essential little black dress
Timeless, flattering and ultra feminine fits
Sustainable materials
A bold business vision


Who are we? 

GYORK&VEIL is a line of versatile and timeless little black dresses. Dresses created by women, for women, flattering fits for all silhouettes, manufactured locally and made with responsible materials selected to reduce the environmental footprint of their manufacturing.  GYORK&VEIL’s business model is unique and totally transparent. Indeed, in store retail prices can be up to 7 times their production cost. We reduced these costs by eliminating the middlemen such as shops and chains, and by selling directly to consumers only via our website. Our dresses therefore have the same quality as some major brands, but at a fraction of the price. 


The founders 

Designer and entrepreneur for nearly a decade, Melanie Veilleux quickly distinguished herself in the Montreal fashion industry by her creativity. After a stint in the prestigious workshops of Marie Saint Pierre, she founded FALBALA, her own brand of women's clothing designed and manufactured in Montreal. For this new line of ready- to-wear, sold exclusively online, she ventures with Diana Györkös, graduate of HEC with over 15 years of experience in project and operations management. This passionate team shakes up preconceived ideas in fashion with a transparent business model, attention to design, and a desire to showcase the beauty of all women.

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